Our Approach

Monoliver Marketing, a combination of it's founders last names (Tim Monell, and James Oliver), was founded in 2007 as a company dedicated to an honest approach to marketing. Our customers find value in our expertise, experience, and our honest and refreshing approach to online marketing. The primary goal of our team is to help our customers succeed under our professional guidance. We craft marketing campaigns that engage your customer and help you develop an ongoing relationship with them so that you can do what you do best - create happy customers with your product.

We Listen

We want to hear what you’ve tried that’s been effective or not. We don’t have a mindset that we can do things better than you. We truly want to hear what you have to say and develop a plan with you that makes sense. Marketing isn’t something that fits into a box. It’s our job to listen to your needs, develop a plan, and then execute the plan to help you find success through our efforts.


We Communicate

We don’t leave you in the dark. We appreciate not being in the dark as well. Our marketing efforts are only helpful if they’re producing results. We keep open lines of communication to keep everyone on the same page. We believe that being a team with our customers produces the best results!


We Produce Results

We love to see our plans work. Through several means of marketing that can meet just about every budget, we can produce results for your company. Depending on your sales cycle, this might be immediate, or may take time. Either way, using analytical data, we can see results that will show our efforts are working.


We love what we do and we know that you will too!


Free Consultation

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After careful analysis, we will customize a solution that fits your needs.


We do market analysis and keyword discovery and develop a success plan.


This is our favorite part! We get to work helping your customers find you. We work with your developers and teams to help you succeed.


Along the way, it’s important that we use great tracking methods to know if we’re being most effective.  If not, we change up what we’re doing to be most effective and get the most out of each dollar spent.

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